Saturday, May 17, 2008
I took the train out to the opening at the Claremont Grad. School yesterday. I got there just at the end- but it was really nice, probably my favorite show I've been in- and I took awful photos (!) It was hung super minimally. I really like the amount of space everything had.
I met some of the students there (two I knew-accd classmates) and got a tour of the studios. It just made me want to go to grad school a lot. I love the idea of being around that many people working all the time.
I got a kick out of Christina Pierson who showed us her studio. She works with super simple material- and then tracks the light that hits them, or reflects it or...
After messing around with vinyl lettering this week I keep thinking I should try new materials.

So here are some photos of the show. Thanks to everyone who so kindly showed me around and fed me cupcakes and beer.

On the subway home this morning there was a group of about 8 kids (10-12?) years old all with skateboards. They ran up the escalator at civic center before I could get a great picture. I envied them so much- that was exactly what I would have been wanting to do at their age: riding the subway downtown, no adults and fours wheels.